Tenant Representation

At Regions Commercial, we understand the challenges and decisions business and professional practice owners and managers face when selecting a new location for their business. We recognize the importance of having the right brokerage team to guide you successfully through the process. We will provide a smooth transition into the right space and strategize and negotiate the best deal for you, saving you significant dollars in rent, leasehold improvements, and future lease obligations. These results are readily achievable and are the results you can expect from our strategic Tenant Representation Process.

About the Tenant Representation Process

The Tenant Representation Process begins with a ‘needs analysis’ that profiles your space needs. An extensive market survey is screened and compiled generating a list of spaces available that meet your criteria. A review meeting will share the results and will develop a plan to tour selected spaces.

After property tours are completed and you have a sense of properties of interest, a Request for Proposal (RFP) will be drafted describing your potential interest, requirements and demands. Properties of interest will receive our RFP with a reply request date. Comparing and analyzing the proposal responses will narrow the field of prospective spaces and transition to a counter proposal.

At this stage, our experience negotiating hundreds of transactions coupled with our extensive knowledge of the market and in-depth training in negotiating allows us to negotiate and secure a space for the lowest possible cost and best terms ultimately leading to the successful execution of a lease.

Working with Regions Commercial assures you of expertise and dedication where your interest is best served. Brokerage fees are almost always paid by the property owners while the benefits we provide are yours to enjoy.

Lease Renewal Negotiations

Are you a professional practice, business owner, or manager unsure if you would like to continue leasing where you are? Whether you have a lease option or not, analysis and a possible renegotiation of your current lease versus a relocation is an opportunity choice to explore. Regions Commercial can assist you with answering these critical questions, having assisted businesses and organizations ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. We will create a quantitative analysis that can be used to inform you of the comparative benefits of a lease renewal compared with a move.

Regions Commercial has successfully negotiated many leases, lease renewals, and lease buy-outs for privately owned and publicly traded companies whether it was for their professional or medical practice, headquarters or regional location, including government entities. If your lease is coming to term and you are unsure if you would like to renew or move elsewhere calling Regions Commercial will help you find the answers you have been looking for. Most importantly, we will ensure that rental expense is well-managed to best capitalize on today’s market opportunities.


Regions Commercial brings our experience, expertise and access to high-tech tools & databases to every property search and listing, ensuring you get the results you want, fast.

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