Consulting & Advisory Services

Step into the realm of sophistication and strategic insight with Regions Commercial’s Consulting & Advisory Services, where our expertise becomes the cornerstone of your success in commercial real estate. Our suite of services, tailored to the nuanced needs of our clients, is designed to navigate the complexities of the market with precision and foresight.

Broker Price Opinion / Broker Opinion of Value

Our prowess in delivering Broker Price Opinions (BPO) and Broker Opinions of Value (BOV) is unparalleled. With a rich history of collaboration with both regional and national banks, as well as corporate clients, Regions Commercial stands as a beacon of excellence in providing insightful valuations across all commercial real estate sectors. Our acute understanding of market dynamics, combined with the ability to deliver reports with rapid turnaround, positions us as the go-to brokerage for high-quality property valuation reports that you can trust.

Financial Modeling and Analysis

At the heart of our advisory services is a profound capacity for financial modeling and analysis, spearheaded by our brokers who are esteemed members of the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Institute. This elite designation is a testament to our in-depth knowledge and unwavering dedication to serving our clients across various critical areas, including but not limited to:

  • Direct capitalization and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis
  • Lease auditing and comprehensive analysis
  • Strategic navigation through IRS code 1031 exchanges
  • Expert evaluation of real estate tax liabilities and capital gains
  • In-depth analysis of depreciation recapture and debt vs. equity financing
  • Budgeting for new construction and capital improvements
  • Analyzing lease versus own options
  • Calculating Return on Investment (ROI), internal rates of return, and capitalization rates


In a rapidly evolving market, information is power. Regions Commercial harnesses the latest in technology to ensure we have access to the most current and historical sales comparisons, lease data, and industry insights. Our subscriptions to leading local and national publications are more than just resources—they are gateways to understanding and leveraging real estate trends to maximize the value of your investment.

At Regions Commercial, we don’t just offer services—we provide solutions. Our Consulting & Advisory Services are crafted to elevate your commercial real estate endeavors, blending market expertise with analytical precision to guide your decisions. Whether assessing the value of a diverse property portfolio or navigating the intricacies of financial modeling, our team is your strategic ally, committed to achieving your investment goals with unmatched professionalism and insight.


Regions Commercial brings our experience, expertise and access to high-tech tools & databases to every property search and listing, ensuring you get the results you want, fast.

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